Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Delivery

Q1. What time can I expect my order?
Ans. We usually deliver between 7 am and 9 pm (local time). However, the delivery time can vary depending on the courier partner and the region or country. Once your order has shipped, we will share a tracking number with you so that you can keep track of it. 

Q2. What do I need to receive my parcel?
Ans. To receive your parcel hassle-free, we request that you keep your ID card with your name and photograph. It can be anything—a passport, driver’s license, national ID card, etc.

Q3. Where can I find my AWB (Airway Bill) number?
Ans. You can find the AWB number by going to your order details in the My Account section. However, your AWB number is only available after the item is dispatched. 

Q4. What are the delivery options?
Ans. We offer the following delivery options – 
– Express Delivery in 4 hours within Dubai
– Cash on Delivery within UAE
– Same Day Delivery within Dubai
– Next Day Delivery

Q5. What should I do if my order is delivered to the wrong address?
Ans. Please note that you can contact our customer care if your order is delivered to the wrong address. If you notice the incorrect address in your order, our team will help you out with your issues. 

How do I shop?

Q1. How can I checkout?
Ans. To check out with Last Rep, visit our website and navigate the men’s or women’s collections as you wish. Then, 
Select the item you want to purchase, review the description, select the size, and add it to the card. 
Once you add the item to the cart, click the “cart” icon. Here, you can add more items or delete any that you don’t need. 
Click on “Proceed” and choose the payment option. 
Make the payment, and you will be notified about your order confirmation via email or SMS. 

Q2. What if I order something that is out of stock?
Ans. Due to popular demand online, some of our activewear for women and men is out of stock. So, if you see something lovely and attractive and it is in stock, we suggest you grab the opportunity to buy it quickly. If the item is already out of stock, you can reach out to us, and we will surely let you know when it will be back in stock. 

Q3. How do I add items to my cart?
Ans. Depending on your needs, go to the section for men’s or women’s activewear. Choose the product you need, select the size, scroll below, and you will find the option to add the item to the cart. 

Q4. How can I delete the items from my cart?
Ans. To delete an item from your cart, go to the cart. You will find an ‘x’ button over the product. Click on the ‘x’ button if you do not want the item. 

Q5. How can I change the quantity of a particular item?
Ans. To change the quantity of a particular item, go to the cart and navigate through the button below. Click on the minus button to reduce the quantity and the plus button to increase it. 

Q6. Why was my order canceled?
Ans. Due to the great demand for our products, they sell out very quickly, and occasionally, an item you have ordered may become unexpectedly unavailable. Although they are incredibly uncommon, these situations do occasionally occur. In the unlikely event that the item you ordered is sold out, we will contact you immediately to confirm the order cancellation. We will ship the remaining goods in your order and refund the out-of-stock item if your purchase includes multiple items.

Payment Methods

Q1. What payment methods do you accept?
Ans. At Last Rep, we accept payment through Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit and Credit Cards (Mastercard, Visa, AMEX). We also accept cash on delivery (COD).

Q2. Is my card details safe?
Ans. We use encrypted payment gateways, so your credit card and debit card details are safe with us. Your details will be encrypted and only used to process the card transaction. 

Q3. Is online order safe?
Ans. We accept online payments from the most reliable and military-grade encrypted payment systems, such as 2Checkout, BlueSnap, and PayTabs. Additionally, our website is SSL encrypted, guaranteeing the security of your personal data, including payment card information.


Q4. How do I make payments if I do not have a credit card?
Ans. We offer COD (Cash on Delivery) in the UAE. You can opt for COD while checking out and pay at your doorstep. 

Q5. How do I know if my successful payment is successful?
Ans. Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email or SMS on your registered email ID or phone number to confirm your payment and order. You can also check your spam email to ensure you have received it. If you have not received an email or SMS, you can contact our customer service. 

Other Info

Q1. Can you inform me if a specific color, size, or item is available?
Ans. You can contact us using our email ID to confirm that a specific color and size of a particular item is available. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours of the request. 

Q2. Where do you source your fabric and raw material from?
Ans. We usually source our material from India, China, and Turkey. Our materials are high-quality and environmentally friendly. 

Q3. Do you offer bulk discounts?
Ans. You can check our offer and discount section or email us to find out if a bulk discount is available. We usually respond within 12-24 hours, as we receive many requests daily.  

Q4. When is the live chat available?
Ans. Our customer delight team is available from 9 am to 6 pm (GST), five days a week (Monday to Friday). We are here to ensure you have a quality experience. 

Q5. I sent an email hours ago, but I haven’t heard back. Why?
Ans. We are excited to talk to you. However, please bear with us due to the high volume of emails. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 


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