Tabish, the founder of Last Rep Activewear attains an expertise in international apparel business through his various ventures in imports & exports for a decade. He’s passionate about fitness and is certified fitness trainer by several prestigious universities in the USA, Australia, India, Europe, Canada, and the UAE.

By analyzing the gap in UAE market where the gym wear is basic in style and aesthetic. In August 2021, Tabish started to pursue his dream of creating an enterprise to serve authenticity, style and functionality that would cater society with premium quality product that is wearable every day.

His forte in entrepreneurship and fitness brings a unique perspective to Last Rep, aiming to make the company a well-known brand in the UAE and beyond.

Salina is an ex-private banker who has always been a fitness enthusiast and fashionista. She is the co-founder of Last Rep and is working hard to make it the best in the UAE. She believes in the three core values—respect, love, and sincerity—and she puts all three into the brand she is creating. 

Salina noticed a narrow range of women gym clothes or less activewear that was more feminine and available. She also believes that when you feel better, you perform better. Hence, she combined her love for fashion and motivation for fitness to start this entrepreneurship alongside Tabish to craft the best gym wear for women in the UAE – that makes women feel better. 


About US

We live by the idea of “innovate smart.” Thus, we are all about accomplishing the unimaginable. So, own the world and level up your workout game till your last Rep. 

Last Rep offers an exclusive range of sportswear for men and women that keeps you comfortable while you sweat hard. We spend months perfecting each design to make you feel confident and relaxed at every Rep. With our perfectly fabricated activewear, your fitness routine will now be smooth and comfortable. Our community’s love for movement and motivation to stretch inspires everything we do. 

At Last Rep, we are guided by a commitment to quality. As an eco-friendly brand, we are dedicated to fostering a greener, healthier, and sustainable earth. Our apparels are made from the softest and stretchable performance fabric to date. Hence, we constantly source eco-friendly fabrics sourced from China, Turkey, and India to give you a more comfortable gym experience. 

Why Last Rep?

Gone are the days of drab, unflattering workout clothes. We have various stylish options so you can work out in style and show off your personality. Whether you prefer bold colors or sleek minimalist style and design, we have activewear that caters to your preference.  

Last Rep has the best collection of comfortable men’s and women’s gym wear. Moreover, our gym gear for women and men are flexible which moves with your body. Our high-compression fabrics offer a maximum range of motion, improving your form and reducing the risk of injury. 

Say goodbye to boring activewear. We bring in the latest and vibrant range of peppy colors and stylish designs that will help you express yourself and be more YOU. Last Rep keeps you motivated with your lifestyle—from working out to lounging at home—we have got you covered in all aspects. 

We go beyond selling activewear. Our focus is on empowering you to be your best self. So, join in the relentless pursuit of excellence, pushing beyond comfort to reach that last Rep!

What Makes Us Different?

Last Rep is about determination and a sense of accomplishment. It is designed to challenge the norms and live life to the fullest. Last Rep is a community of individuals who understand the importance of pushing beyond boundaries and achieving the unthinkable. Our ethos surpasses ordinary expectations and brings in a culture of resilience. 

It is all about going the extra mile, finding the strength within, and emerging more vital than ever. We are an initiative towards sustainability, and we are an exactly perfect blend of fashion and fitness with beautiful and vibrant colors that give you the ideal fit and comfort from the gym to your daily lifestyle. When you choose us, you are not just purchasing products – you are investing in an experience that is designed and crafted to enhance your performance and style quotient. 

Also, we carefully and precisely choose the material and fabric that offer you the best possible experience. With the last Rep, you will feel confident in your own skin as we provide the perfect fit with compression, durability, reliability, longevity, and sustainability – and that’s why we go the extra mile to create functional and stylish pieces. 

" For the love of our planet Earth, environment and an appreciation for all living beings, Last Rep is on a journey to create timeless and sustainable athleisure wear for men and women.  "

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